We are an established supplier of high quality kitchen sinks. Our range of granite sinks are crafted from a solid block of natural granite and polished to a high sheen. Natural granite is timeless and elegant.  We have a range of different types, to suit your requirements. Our sinks are mainly suitable for granite, marble or wood worktops.
When installing granite worktops, our customers choose a granite sink, simply because they need the sink to last the same length of time that their worktop does. Changing a failing sink, can be a very costly and difficult process later down the line.
Many sinks on the market nowadays claim to be granite but are actually made from a mixture of resin and granite. Our sinks are not composite, they are real natural stone.
Natural granite is a harder material than man-made granite composite. Granite is a much harder material than marble too, which is why our sinks are durable and hard-wearing.
Our range of black granite sinks do not require sealing, or any maintenance, and are very easy to look after. The rounded edges inside the bottom of the bowls of our sinks provide easy cleaning with no joins or seals which can fail over time.We can help with fitting advice and any questions you may have, please contact us at pemberleysinks@gmail.com To find a look which will enhance the value of your home, please click on the links to the right.